Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Recover

Okay, so maybe that title isn't exactly right. I'm trying to go from memory, and for me that's about as good as it gets! Bought some new duds today with the "bargain hunter." She told me that I need to sell some articles of clothing at a yard/garage sale so that someone else who's still living in the 80's can purchase them. :(
Have you ever looked at your keyboard and wondered, "What's that?" I just noticed "something" on one of the keys and it's disturbing me b/c I don't know what it is or how it got there.
Was at a 12 team track invitational last night in the rain. (Fun. NOT!) We managed to place second against some really decent competition. With our conference meet looming this week I hope no one gets sick from the..., Oh, wait! You can't get sick from getting wet. Illness comes from a virus!!! ;)
Big "C" had a soccer game this morning. He scored a goal and almost had a second one. WOOT! Then we went shopping at the mall and Target. Afterward, we ate lunch at "Texas Roadhouse" with the outlaws, err..., in-laws. Went to a nursery and bought some plants b/c everyone knows how "green" and "environmentally friendly" we are in P-town! Practiced throwing/catching the baseball with Big "C". He is vastly improved from last year! (Although he still needs to work on his catching and not being afraid of the ball.) Went for a 34 minute run this evening, pushing Little "C" in the jogging stroller. Felt good! (He kept telling me to run faster.)
At the soccer game this morning had a nice chat with Pastor Pink! Thanks -P-! It's not often that I get to talk politics with someone with whom I share many of the same ideas/opinions. I still think that you should forward that memo to Hillary's campaign headquarters. lol

If there are any moms reading this, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Now I have to round up my western garb and six-shooter & holster to get ready for the "Gunslinger" sermon Pastor K is delivering tomorrow! PEACE

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